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Tungsten Carbide Balls

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A tungsten carbide ball can be used for a variety of applications. Some applications include high-load bearings, linear bearings, slideways, and checking instruments. It is also commonly used in the oil and gas industry and is resistant to tremendous heat. For this reason, a TC ball is a popular choice among many manufacturers. Global Precision is one of the few companies that manufactures and supplies this material in volume.

A tungsten carbide ball is a specialized form of a hard alloy ball. It is made of tungsten carbide powder, which is known for its wear and corrosion resistance. This metal is ideal for high-temperature and high-load conditions. The average grain size of a TC-ball is 0.4 to 3 mm. Its dimensional stability is comparable to that of a diamond ball.

TC-Balls are available in a variety of grades. The WC-Ni grade retains the WC hard phase, but substitutes Co for Ni. Both of these grades are corrosion-resistant and exhibit similar mechanical and thermal properties. TC-Balls are classified according to the degree of surface finish they have. The TC-Ball is the most common type of TC-Ball.

A Tungsten Carbide ball's dimensional stability and high hardness make it the preferred choice for many applications. They are an excellent material for inertial navigation systems, hydraulic valves, and ball screws. In addition, Tungsten Carbide is an excellent material for grinding and comparative checking. Because of its unique combination of properties, it is an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, including high-temperature and high-load bearings.

Tungsten Carbide balls are widely used in ball screws, bearings, check valves, pumps, and flow meters. They are also used in inspection tools and for comparative checking. While they are not as strong as steel, Tungsten Carbide is still an excellent option for applications requiring extreme hardness and wear resistance. But despite its durability and high cost, it's not the only reason that the Tungsten Carbide ball is a popular choice.

Despite its relatively low price, Tungsten Carbide balls have a very high tensile strength. Whether you need to be able to rotate the ball without it breaking, or simply want to grind a piece of Tungsten Carbide, this material is an excellent option. Its high hardness makes it an ideal choice for bearings, and can handle high loads as well as be abrasive materials.

Another advantage of Tungsten Carbide is its low density. A Tungsten Carbide ball's density is 15 grams/cubic inch, which is equal to a thousand-pound ball. The weight of a Tungsten Carbide ball is not only heavy, but it can be picked up with a magnet. However, a Tungsten carbide ball with a diameter of four millimeters or less is highly resistant.


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