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What are the primary characteristics of bearing steel balls

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The so-called bearing is subjected to extreme pressure and friction during operation, so the bearing steel is required to have high and uniform hardness and wear resistance and a high elastic limit.

The requirements for the uniformity of the chemical composition of the bearing steel, the content and dispersion of non-metallic luggage tie rod steel ball inclusions, and the dispersion of carbides are very strict. Bearing steel, also known as high carbon steel, has a carbon content of 1%. The weight Wcr of the guide rail steel ball is 0.5%-1.65%. Bearing steel is divided into six categories: high-carbon bearing steel, non-carbon bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, stainless bearing steel, medium and high temperature bearing steel and antimagnetic bearing steel.

Use of steel balls: Bearing steel balls are widely used in high-speed and low-noise bearings, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, slide rails, universal balls, luggage, electronic industry, and can also be used to grind other media.

The characteristics of the steel ball: the hardness reaches HRC62-65 degrees, the material has good wear resistance, the precision can reach one ten thousandth of a millimeter after cold processing into the steel ball, and the surface is mirror-like. The color is chrome, but it cannot be welded.

Classification of steel balls: high-precision steel balls, wear-resistant steel balls, and ground steel balls.

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