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What are the two indicators to determine the wear resistance of solid steel balls

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When the hardness of the solid steel ball (HRC must be ≥58 or higher), according to the experience of domestic and foreign cement and mining users’ body jewelry steel balls, the crushing rate of the steel balls during use is less than 0.5%. It is judged that the steel ball has higher abrasion resistance.

It should be said that this kind of steel ball is the real wear-resistant steel ball (high wear resistance). Generally, hardness (HRC) steel balls and instrument steel balls below 56°C are also called wear-resistant steel balls. Steel balls have poor wear resistance (high wear) due to their low hardness.

Cast steel balls, forged steel balls, rolled steel balls and bearing steel balls are all called wear-resistant steel balls. Wear-resistant steel balls are also called wear-resistant balls.

There are two main indicators to determine whether a steel ball is a wear-resistant symbol: steel ball hardness (HRC), steel ball fracture rate (%).

1. The damage rate of the wear-resistant steel ball is checked by a falling ball tester and an impact tester. If the accuracy of the ball interception rate is to be determined according to the actual application of the user, the ball mill will be more accurate after weighing.

2. The hardness (HRC) of the wear-resistant steel ball is selected from Rockwell hardness tester (model: HR-150A)

an examination. The hardness of wear-resistant steel balls treated with heat treatment oil quenching technology (HRC) is at least 58°C; the hardness of ordinary wear-resistant steel balls (HRC) without oil quenching is between 45-54.

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