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Ball Bearing Steel Grades

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Ball bearing steel grades are used to make the balls used in ball and roller bearings. The hardness of the material has a bearing on its performance and should be below 0.8 HRC. The maximum silicon content is 0.60 and the maximum manganese content is 1.65. Carbon steel contains 2.1% carbon by weight. High-carbon steel balls are harder and have a thinner shell than the lower-carbon version. The American Iron and Steel Institute has regulations regarding carbon steel and recommends that it be no more than 0.40%.

Various commercial steels are used for ball bearings. The Rene 41 alloy is a good example of a material for ball bearings. It is one of the toughest alloys available, and can be lapped and machined to form high-quality balls. The resulting products have excellent wear properties and are resistant to corrosion. However, it has the lowest machinability of all commercial steels. In contrast, the F180 grade is suitable for machining and is FDA-compliant.

The price range for ball bearing steels is extremely wide. Prices vary dramatically, from very cheap to extremely expensive. Fortunately, there are steels available at affordable prices, so it is possible to find one that suits your needs. Purchasing ball bearings online can be a hassle, but the selection of quality and price is easy. By following a few guidelines, you can make an informed decision about the type of bearing you need and save money.

All materials used in bearing manufacturing are processed to achieve desired properties. Listed below are the most common steels. These materials are also processed to provide the best possible performance and longevity. Further information can be found in the Technical Information Sheets for Balls and Closures. The Electrocentury-steel website features a wide variety of steels for different purposes. If you are looking for high-quality bearings, this company is a great place to start. Its commitment to quality and service is what sets them apart.

Generally, ball bearing steel is made of high-carbon chromium steel. There are other materials, such as stainless steel, that are used for the bearings. Stainless steel is the most common choice for these. The 440 grade is a hard, magnetic steel. It is a popular choice because of its corrosion resistance. The 316 grade is used for applications that require a more corrosive environment.

There are several types of steel balls, including the 400 series. The most common ceramic material is aluminum oxide. This material is only used at low speeds and has a stiffness of about 45 million pounds per square inch. It is a white-colored material that has good electrical insulation properties and is the least expensive ceramic ball. Its rigidity is also low, so this material is not suitable for high-speed use. Moreover, it is also only suitable for light-speed applications.


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