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Common Materials in Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

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Stainless steel ball bearing systems are used in the aerospace and transportation industries, including transportation safety. These bearings are used in bearings, gear shafts, connecting rods and pinion drives. Many designs of these bearings have been selected to provide a combination of bearing speed, bearing life and ease of assembly. The most popular materials used in the ball bearings are;

Chrome Plated: Chrome plated bearings are popular in the aerospace industry for use in trim elements and bearing housings. This material is commonly used in the construction of outer coverings (chafing). Chrome plated stainless steel ball bearings have a high melting point and high heat resistance. They can also resist corrosion to a certain extent.

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is known as the father of all steels. It has the highest carbon content of alloys. The high carbon content gives it the ability to be machined to a very high degree. The high carbon content in carbon steel makes it extremely strong. Its use in bearings is preferred by many industries.

Chromium: Chrome plating does not last long. Chrome plating can easily react with stainless steel ball bearings. Its use in bearings is limited due to its negative reaction with the stainless steel. Chromium forms a hard barrier when machining with stainless steel.

Chromium Zirconia: A hard metallic surface is formed on the surface of chromium. This surface is resistant to corrosion. It is commonly used in high performance bearings. This makes it the ideal choice for high endurance and toughness. A major benefit of using chromium is its corrosion resistance.

Silicon Nitride: Silicon nitride is the most common form of semiconductor used in bearings. It is also known as black silicon nitride or AMS. Silicon nitride offers high strength, hardness and machinability. Its use in stainless steel bearings makes it the best material for manufacturing equipment.

Chromium: A very tough and corrosion resistant metal. Its hardness is enhanced at the casting of the component. It is commonly used in high performance stainless steel ball bearings. It offers high hardness, excellent corrosion resistance and is available in a number of alloys.

Zirconia: It was used only in aerospace industry but now it is used extensively in stainless steel ball bearings due to its hardness and machinability. It is an extremely hard and durable alloy. Its alloys are resistant to corrosion. Its other properties such as resistivity to mechanical stress, resistivity to electromagnetic radiation and resistivity to high temperatures make it the ideal choice for a variety of industries. Its use in stainless steel bearings makes it more durable and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Silicone Nitride: It is another popular material that is often incorporated in stainless steel ball bearings. Its high resistance to wear, impact and abrasion makes it the perfect choice. Its anti-corrosive property helps prevent rusting and makes it ideal for many industrial sectors. Its unique chemical makeup prevents friction and wears down the external shell of the balls. Its hardness and high wear resistance make it the ideal choice for high-end industrial applications. It is also resistant to corrosion of the alloy itself.


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