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Different Steel Ball Bearing Manufacturers and the Races They Represent

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A steel ball bearing can be used in applications where high lubricity is necessary, where the rolling elements must be lightweight and highly resistant to wear and abrasion, where the bearing component requires high stiffness or high hardness and where the bearing component provides a bearing surface with high stiffness and high hardness or a bearing with a high softness. Steel balls have been in use for decades and are an important component of numerous industries. The three broad categories of bearing balls are steel, plastic and ceramic. Each of these ball bearing groups has its own distinct set of features and advantages, while each also includes a number of inner races, outer races and various balls each designed for a specific application.

Steel balls are generally categorized into five grades, based on the hardness of the bearing surface, their tensile strength, the bearing's lubricity and their bearing load. The lower the grade, the lower the resistance to indentation, creep, heat corrosion, and micro-cracks. A steel ball bearing in this category has the highest stiffness of all bearings in operation today, yet is not necessarily the heaviest.

Bearings in this class include the oil-free steel ball bearing, the mild steel ball bearing (preferably with an oil guard) and the high-alloy steel ball bearing. The oil-free bearing provides excellent lubricity properties that allow the bearing to maintain a consistent running temperature even under extreme operating conditions. A mild steel bearing provides good bearing life that over time can achieve an optimum level that is highly dependable. Higher alloy steel ball bearings provide higher levels of hardness, provide better rigidity and provide good bearing life. These bearings have high hardness ratings that are dependent upon the steel used and the type of bearing being used.

The third and fourth kinds of bearings are plastic and ceramic materials. The plastic ball bearing features high strength and hardness characteristics that make it superior over other ball styles. Because of its lightweight design and cost effectiveness, these ball bearings make a great choice for many applications. It is typically found in hand tools and equipment as well as other types of machines that need light weight, high durability and low friction properties.

Ceramic bearings, on the other hand, are made from a ceramic material that is thermally fused to another material, such as silicon carbide. These high performance ceramics are extremely tough and resistant to corrosion. In addition to their toughness, they are flexible, allowing for a wide range of roll parameters and other unique conditions. The outer race of steel ball bearing manufacturers includes three different ceramic material families - silicon, boron, and nimbus. Each of these compounds is known for its unique physical, chemical, and physical properties that provide different bearing solutions.

Silicon carbide is the most widely used material for ceramic ball bearings because it is highly available. It is found in a number of moving parts that can bear a tremendous amount of weight. Unfortunately, due to the durability of silicon carbide, it is also expensive. However, this inexpensive alloy is ideal for applications that require stiffness and high wear resistance over a long period of time. Boron is commonly used as a lubricant in steel ball bearings because of its high temperature range that prevents thermal expansion.


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