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304L Stainless Steel Ball

304L stainless steel ball is used for high surface precision requirements such as medical equipment, chemical industry, aviation, aerospace, plastic hardware: perfume bottles, sprayers, valves, nail polish, motors,

Switches, electric irons, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, medicinal materials, auto parts, bearings, instruments, baby bottles.

Characteristics: A typical representative of austenitic steel, generally non-magnetic, but after passing through the photosphere, it will become magnetized and can be demagnetized, HRC≤26. It has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Comparison: 304L stainless steel ball has stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance than 304HC stainless steel ball and 304 stainless steel ball. It is easy to weld and has excellent polishability. It is more suitable for industries with higher surface requirements.

Size: from 0.5mm-60mm balls can be produced

AISI 304 Semon, Stainless Steel Flat Body, (Wafe) Ball Valves is the Leading Supplier of Flat Body (Wafers), Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated Adjustable, High Strength Wafers in India. We have many types and brands of Flat Wafers in our factory. These are the very popular products of our company.

The leading manufacturer of the threaded ball valve, the highest quality, highest pressure rated and lightest weight, best selling products, the highest quality product. All products with a superior quality manufacturing process are provided by us. We believe that with the introduction of threaded ball valves, the customers can get what they want. For instance the customers can get the modern and advanced technology and the latest manufacturing techniques which are used in the manufacturing of stainless steel stainless ball valves.

The main components used in the manufacture of our high quality, highest pressure, threaded ball valve SS diameter brass plated, with best materials used for making. This makes it possible to use these balls even at very low temperatures. They have the ability to resist extreme temperature, corrosion, rusting and leaking. The stainless steel ball valves are made with best alloy solution and provide long service life. All this combined together with our excellent after sales service and guarantee makes the SS032L and 304L stainless steel ball valves for the best choice of the buyers.

We have an excellent technical team, our products in quality and quantity will make you satisfied, welcome to buy
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We have an excellent technical team
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