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Titanium ball
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Titanium ball

Titanium metal components of the ball on the human body has toxic side effects, not allergic, light weight, corrosion resistance, easy to change color and other advantages, is an ideal material for the manufacture of crafts, jewelry, especially for certain areas of the foreign, such as the Middle East hang the ball first jewelry-loving, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions people are accustomed to wear in the ears, tongue, navel, and other sensitive body parts. Titanium it as a precious metal, usually frames with this material, so titanium ball is often used in some special industrial products Features: titanium balls and titanium alloy ball have excellent corrosion resistance, can only be eroded by hydrofluoric acid and medium concentration of alkali solution, it can be passivated titanium ball, and it is in an oxygen atmosphere, and its blunt membrane after the destruction of healing;, titanium on the air, water, and a number of corrosive media are stable. Especially titanium ball of the sea is very stable, titanium ball or titanium ball into the seawater for several years, after removing the remains sphere bright as ever, in this respect far superior to all types of stainless steel ball.

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