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Cemented Carbide Balls
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Cemented Carbide Balls

Cemented Carbide Balls, also known as tungsten alloy ball, the main production 0.5MM-60MM a variety of materials tungsten alloy ball, custom non-standard, the accuracy between the G10-G100 products are widely used in bearings, instruments, meters, and a variety of hardware punching, valves, grinding, hardness tester, valve, oil, chemicals, metering equipment, and other multiple areas
Features: Cemented Carbide Ball is divided into tungsten cobalt Korfball, the main ingredient is the hardness of tungsten-cobalt alloy (WC-CO) higher HRA90-92, better wear resistance, wear resistance of dozens of balls times to a hundred times, and good to engage in the impact of anti-vibration performance, suitable for the production of strong shock and vibration of parts

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