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tungsten carbide ball bearings

Cemented carbide balls, also known as tungsten alloy balls, mainly produce tungsten alloy balls of various materials ranging from 0.5MM to 60MM, customized and non-standard, with an accuracy between G10-G100. The products are widely used in bearings, instruments,

Instruments, various hardware punching, valves, grinding, hardness testers, pump valves, petroleum, chemical, metering equipment and other fields.

Characteristics: Cemented carbide balls are mainly divided into tungsten-cobalt alloy balls, the main component is tungsten-cobalt alloy (WC-CO), which has higher hardness, HRA90-92, and good wear resistance. Its wear resistance is dozens of times that of steel balls. To hundreds of times,

Has good shock and vibration resistance, suitable for making parts with strong shock and vibration

A tungsten carbide ball is the main component of tungsten alloys. It is shaped by compressing the two parts together until it becomes smooth. The compression occurs due to a number of forces originating at the external and internal surfaces of the metal - strains due to mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as thermal expansion. Tungsten Carbide (TC) is the fourth most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust and forms the core of modern day mechanical and automotive parts.

Tungsten Carbide Balls is hard, wear-resistant, and corrosion proof. They are mainly used in industrial, high-end mechanical and diagnostic instruments, high-precision automotive and medical, and aerospace applications. They exhibit high hardness and high elasticity, along with good thermal and chemical resistance. Many tungsten carbide balls with different compositions, hardness, and chemical makeup can be combined to achieve unique properties. This combination enables manufacturers to design parts and assemblies that have high strength-to-weight ratio and enhance the performance and life of the parts or structures.

TC balls are used extensively in the aerospace, medical, defense, and security applications where high strength, stiffness, toughness, and durability are desirable. They are also used for tooling in and around machinery, for brazing, deburring, sealing, locking, and many other applications. Some specialty materials and coatings have been developed to increase their strength, conductivity, hardness, wear resistance, hardness, and consistency. Some TC products are engineered to provide mechanical benefits while retaining certain properties of the original material such as creep resistance and compressive strength. The availability of tungsten carbide balls, the superior quality of the material, the wide variety of designs, and the unique characteristics of each individual part make TC an excellent material in many applications.

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