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Stainless Steel Ball - A Steel Solution For Any Application

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Many industries across the globe are looking out for high quality stainless steel ball bearings. High quality bearings can reduce the fatigue life of the component and also ensure that the component is free from manufacturing errors. These small components have a vital role in aircraft production and thus a high quality ball bearing is a critical requirement in any industry. Many companies offer high quality stainless steel ball bearings at a reasonable rate.

The process of manufacturing stainless steel balls involves two-step processing:

The first processing step includes melting and forming the alloy. During this stage, the alloy is transformed into a solid solution. The second process facilitates in the cooling of the solution which changes its physical and chemical properties. This property changes the resistance of the alloy to corrosion and the alloy becomes corrosion resistant. For aerospace requirement, stainless steel balls with a high resistance to corrosion are required.

During manufacturing, the alloying elements of the steel are inserted into an alloying die. This process ensures that there are no chemical reactions during the fabrication of the component and it has a better resistance to corrosion. After the construction, the stainless steel balls are cooled below the transformation temperature and are then formed into a ball form. The high-quality alloy and the resulting ball form a strong but lightweight structure. This makes the ball suitable for use in many applications.

The stainless steel balls need to undergo heat treatment for optimal performance and durability. During heat treatment, the alloying element of the ball is forced through an ultrasonic chamber. The chamber helps in the heating of the alloy and at the same time, it enhances the mechanical properties of the ball. This helps in making the steel stronger and reduces the distortion of the material during use. During the final heat treatment stage, the external layer of the ball is removed by a special chemical process to achieve a tough and durable ball.

Stainless steel balls have been used in all sorts of industries like automotive, power generation, marine, oil & gas, paper & pulp and printing industry. These balls can also be used as ingress racks in heavy machinery. There are manufacturers that provide services for the replacement and installation. They make customized sizes and design so as to suit the requirements of the users. They offer fast service and superior quality.


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