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Stainless Steel Hinge Ball

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When shopping for a boat accessories, be sure to look for a high quality product such as the stainless steel hitch ball. This will make sure that the screws are all in place and secure. It is a good idea to look for the manufacturer's suggested installation as well. Many companies offer free installation as well as a warranty on the parts that you purchase. If your purchase comes with free installation, there is no reason not to try it out on your own.

The hitch ball is a simple device with a shank that fits between two trailer hitches. You will find that most hitches will have a hole where the ball can be inserted. There are several different designs available. There is the traditional style where the shank is installed horizontally between the hitches. There are also styles that are installed from under the shank length 2 inches vertically.

To determine the proper thickness range, you will need to measure from the bottom of the hitch ball to the top of the tie down post. Most companies recommend that the finished thickness range be one inch to three inches. Most manufacturers recommend using a one inch shank length.

If you are installing a stainless steel hitch ball in a heavy duty trailer, you may want to use a mild steel or galvanized finish. A mild steel finish will allow rust hater to work around the edges of the joint while protecting it. Galvanized finishes will prevent rust hater corrosion of the weld areas. There are several different ways to install a hitch ball depending on the application.

For trailers with limited space for driving, there are two different styles of stainless steel hitch ball for use with growingolds. One style is called growingoldully, which allows the ball to move forward with the growing tree. The other style is called growingoldout and works more like a traditional piece of hardware. This style is recommended for situations that will have more space for driving and loading.

When installing a hitch ball, you will want to make sure that the shank length is equal to the width of your vehicle's fifth wheel. Some manufactures have a limit on the maximum size of stainless steel hitch balls that they can supply so checking with the manufacturer is important. If you do choose to order an extra shank, you can usually expect to pay more than one-half of an inch for each additional shank. Other hardware stores and some Internet sites offer to cut your stainless steel hitch ball to the specific size that you need. Many of these places will allow you to mix and match different colors, allowing you to coordinate the ball with the rest of your gardening tools and furniture.


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