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Stainless Steel Hollow Ball Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Stainless steel hollow ball manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide range of products for your manufacturing needs. These products are available at competitive prices. These manufacturers have an extensive product range and can meet your exact specifications. The companies listed on ExportHub offer full-service solutions at competitive prices. You can also find stainless steel hollow ball manufacturers and suppliers from other countries. Read on to discover how these suppliers can help you grow your business. We've listed the top manufacturers of stainless steel hollow balls for you to review and source from.

A hollow stainless steel ball has many advantages over a solid ball, including a weight advantage of up to 60%. Compared to solid balls, hollow balls have a lower density, which allows them to save weight while still maintaining their properties. In addition, they have a lower thermal expansiveness and higher heat transfer rate than solid balls. This makes them ideal for coating processes. A stainless steel hollow ball can be welded to many different materials.

Stainless steel hollow balls are commonly used in industrial applications and are often made of several types of stainless steel. Many different types are used as float valves and weight measuring mechanisms. They are also popular with mixed-media artists and are often used in kinetic art pieces. Stainless steel hollow balls are available in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to create beautiful and unusual objects. So, if you are looking for a unique gift idea for someone special, consider buying a stainless steel hollow ball!

Stainless steel hollow balls are available in different sizes and grades. AISI Nitronic 50 stainless steel is an austenitic steel that offers superior corrosion resistance. This stainless steel does not become magnetic when cold-worked. Its applications range from dispenser valves to finger pumps. The high level of corrosion resistance makes this type of stainless steel the best choice for a wide variety of applications. AISI Nitronic 50 stainless steel is the most corrosion-resistant stainless steel available. Type 904L is another austenitic alloy that features nickel and chromium for added strength and resistance to corrosion.

Type 420 stainless steel is considered medical grade because of its high resistance to chemicals and corrosive environments. It also features good resistance to dyes and many organic materials. This type is often used in dispenser pumps and aerosol valves, and is also known as 316LVM. These types of stainless steel balls are also used in body jewelry and dispenser pump valves. These balls also offer good corrosion resistance. So, they are perfect for any medical or food processing application.


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