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Stainless Steel Roller Ball Cable Ties From Premier Equine

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Stainless steel roller ball cable ties from Premier Equine are both practical and stylish. These ties are ideal for gently encouraging a horse, due to their smooth, free-spinning roller ball ends. They can be used with all types of cable insulation and are made of type 316 stainless steel, making them extremely durable against corrosion, extreme temperatures, and chemicals. You can find a wide range of roller ball cables ties at your local hardware store.

Plastic roller balls can get clogged and stuck in your pores, causing your skin to scratch and rash. A stainless steel roller ball will never scratch your skin. Stainless steel roller balls are easier to clean and last longer. They are also less expensive than plastic roller balls. While plastic roller balls are commonly available in the market, they come at a higher price tag. To use these balls, you must assemble them. These balls are also made of BPA, which is a chemical used in the manufacture of certain plastics.

Stainless steel roller balls come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The most common oil roller bottle comes in a 10 mL solid color glass container. A stainless steel roller ball is located in the bottle and fills with carrier oils, essential oil blends, or fractionated coconut oil. A glass roller bottle, also known as a glass roll-on bottle, performs the same function but comes in various quality levels.


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