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Stainless Steel Tea Ball

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A stainless steel tea ball is an affordable, easy way to enjoy the flavor of freshly brewed tea all day long. This 3" stainless steel tea ball dispenser with cord chain makes it easy to infuse new, intense flavors to every cup of tea! This stainless steel tea ball dispenser is made from high quality stainless steel that's long lasting, durable, and has a 3" tall diameter for easy filling with loose-leaf tea and herbs. These tea balls are very handy and are great for infusing flavors right into your next cup!

Fill your stainless steel tea ball dispenser with loose-leaf tea leaves or an assortment of herbs. Place one ball per four cups of water. Stir the loose tea leaves and add any flavorings. The ball then sits on the top of the cup, which will cover the whole cup. After the ball has sat for a few minutes, remove it from the cup and discard. Now your tea is ready to drink!

This stainless steel tea bag dispenser has been designed for ease of use. It has an infuser ring with two holes and an outer nylon mesh window for added privacy. The stainless steel container is dishwasher safe, making it sanitary and easy to clean up after each use. These bags are made with less waste than traditional tea bags because there is less waste with this system. Traditional tea bags must be thrown away after use and can contain chemicals and wrappers that can be harmful to animals and plants.

The ''stainless steel tea ball infuser '' allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage without worrying about the chemicals in the bag or the wrappers. It allows you to enjoy your tea without the mess and has been designed with minimal spillage. You can enjoy fresh squeezed juice or your favorite breakfast with less mess. The ''stainless steel tea ball infuser '' gives you more options for your teas and ensures you enjoy your fresh squeezed drinks.

The stainless steel tea ball infuser has been designed with an infuser ring and a nylon window. These infusers have holes on the side and one hole on top for greater visibility and privacy. The stainless steel infusers are dishwasher safe and do not require a special utensil to clean after use. These teas come with a handy carrying case and are great for those who want to make the best use of the space in their kitchen or pantry.

The stainless steel tea ball infuser can be purchased online. These are made of high quality materials and can be used in any kitchen or tea room. The stainless steel tea infusers are perfect for steeping teas or even for unsweetened tea leaves. It is simple to use and the whole family can enjoy the benefits of this new kind of ''tea'' infuser.


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