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The Many Uses of a Solid Copper Ball Earring

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These Solid Copper Ball Head accessories will finish off your stunning jewelry creation just right. They're made of solid copper wire. The ball is generally 1.5 mm in diameter and can vary slightly from one to another. They will be mostly straight, although not totally. If you've ever seen one in person, you know that they are different, which is why we have given you the option to view photos of our own designs so you can be assured that they will fit your needs perfectly.

These solid copper balls are extremely tough. You won't find them in any junk yard or flea market where they're likely to get crushed. They can withstand a lot of force, even though the most ardent bakers and potters will only use them on very thin layers of baked goods or other baked goods that aren't too difficult to clean up afterward.

These balls come in an amazing variety of sizes. Their different size selections enable them to be useful for all sorts of jewelry applications. Their small size also makes them easier to work with than their larger counterparts. They can be easily sized up and down until you are able to create the specific look that you want, then cut them to the exact size that you need. A solid copper ball can be easily and simply sized to fit into the hole in your earbud, then screwed back into place securely.

If you are going to wear these balls around your neck or ears, you want to be sure that the holes are poked far enough into the ear so that they aren't too large. If they are too large, the ball could potentially pull away from your eardrum. If this happens the result could be hearing loss, permanent damage, or a very serious infection. If you do wear these around your ears, make sure to go by the manufacturer's directions.

Another wonderful use for a copper ball would be as a pin cushion. Picture a pillow that has a big fluffy cloud on top. The only problem is that the cloud isn't relaxing; it is actually pressing your head into a very uncomfortable pillow. That's exactly what a copper earring pin cushion can do for your head. The very feel of the cold metal against your skin is quite nice. Copper has a naturally cooling effect on the skin, so its presence in the form of a ball will help to reduce any heating problems you may have.

Solid copper earrings can be a wonderful accessory to any wardrobe. Just be sure that you choose the right size to go with your clothing. Also remember to take care of the copper ball; don't expose it to extreme temperatures, never leave it in a humid area, and never allow children to play with it. If you take good care of your copper jewelry, it can last for years. But be careful; if you don't clean it often, it can become tarnished.


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