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Tungsten Carbide Ball Bearing

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A tungsten carbide ball is a forged alloy made from a mixture of tungsten and carbon. This high-grade metal is highly resistant to wear, impact, and humidity. This material is also remarkably resistant to extreme temperatures. Its properties make it an excellent choice for bearings in applications where conventional steel or bronze balls may fail. The material's high melting point makes it an ideal choice for precision work such as milling cast iron.

The tungsten carbide ball is a great option for applications that require extreme hardness or wear resistance. The material's high wear-resistance and resistance to heat make it the preferred material in such applications. Tungsten carbide is also ideally suited for use in temperatures and environments that are both extreme and extremely high. It is available in a wide variety of grades to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

A tungsten carbide ball is 0.8mm in diameter and is graded G25. The sphere tolerance of a tungsten carbide ball is G25. A tungsten carbide ball is a tough alloy made of tungsten and carbon. It is also extremely resistant to corrosion and wear. Global Precision manufactures and supplies tungsten carbide balls in large volumes and has a wide range of products.

Tungsten carbide balls are 0.8mm in diameter and graded G25. The hardness of a tungsten carbide ball is the same as that of a steel ball. The material is a perfect combination of tungsten and carbon and is ideal for high-load bearings, linear bearings, and slideways. Because of its hardness and high wear resistance, tungsten carbide balls are widely used in the oil and gas industries.

Tungsten carbide balls are used in many applications and are a great alternative to steel. Due to their high hardness and wear resistance, they are ideal for applications requiring high load bearings. They also provide better corrosion resistance. These balls are made of nine percent tungsten carbide and 6% cobalt. They are also available in various grades. They have a large range of applications. Whether you are looking for a rotary tool or a precision rotor, Global Precision can provide you with the right tungsten carbide ball for the job.

Tungsten carbide balls are a popular choice for high-load bearings and slideways. The machining of tungsten carbide balls ensures the highest degree of precision. The material is hard and durable and resists corrosion, wear, and rust. In addition, tungsten carbide balls are ideal for high-load applications and inertial navigation systems. A tungsten carbide ball will last a long time when properly maintained.


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