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Using Copper Balls for Movement Therapy

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The copper ball is a classic design of many a crafty person. Made using copper alloy, these cute balls make interesting gifts for collectors and hobbyists. The copper ball is crafted with soft and malleable aluminum or tin-plated steel to give it flexibility and durability. When they are hot-drilled, then they become tough and durable. These are usually sculptured with different shapes and designs, but there are some interesting shapes also, which you could create by yourself.

When these unique balls are hot-drilled, their edges slant to one side, so that the copper is not pressing directly on the skin, yet they are soft and comfortable and allow a good flow of hand motion. These handmade copper balls are particularly useful for using in conjunction with different therapeutic movements such as massage, chiropractic manipulation, acupressure and the movement therapy (manual stimulation) methods. Holding the therapeutic ball in your hand is particularly stimulating for both the sensory nerves and the sense of touch and is incredibly relaxing even during a job break.

Because of its unique properties, the copper ball is now being used in a wide range of the therapy professions and can be found almost everywhere in health centers, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and spas, as well as in private clinics and home care agencies. This innovative product description is what describes them best and also explains why they are used so frequently. Handy and lightweight, they are easy to carry around, yet provide the user with a powerful effectual motion.

The copper balls are typically made from the relatively soft metal of tin-plated steel or aluminum. They have excellent tensile strength and can be moulded into different shapes. You can find the balls in various sizes depending on what you will be using them for:

When buying copper balls for therapeutic purposes, it is important that you get the ones that are FDA approved. Although most people are quite happy using the non-approved spring mounted balls, there is no harm in purchasing the FDA approved version. In fact, the FDA classifies the product description as a Class II Medical Device that should be used under the most stringent of circumstances. However, the classifications are determined by the individual state's regulations; you will need to check this with the local governing body.

A further advantage of copper balls is that they can be used to promote specific energy points. They can be used in conjunction with a wide range of other movements therapy devices for an effective whole body treatment. For example, acupuncture needles and acupuncture blockages can be stimulated using the same ball. If you want to try this particular combination, make sure you buy a good quality ball that you can handle comfortably. It would be worth investing in a good quality ball, if you feel that your therapy needs to be strengthened or energized.


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