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Cemented Carbide Balls

Cemented Carbide Ball, also known as tungsten alloy ball, punching alloy ball, sizing ball, sizing alloy ball, carbide punching the ball. Main product 0.5MM-60MM of various materials tungsten alloy ball, un standard accuracy between the G10-G100 products are widely used for bearing with carbide ball, instrument carbide ball, instrument with a carbide ball, all kinds of metal carbide ball, punching carbide ball valve with carbide ball, carbide grinding balls, hardness carbide ball valve using a carbide ball, oil carbide ball, chemical carbide ball and measurement equipment carbide ball and multiple carbide ball applications.

Bearing carbide ball, punching carbide ball, the valve carbide ball, chemical carbide ball

Tungsten alloy ball, punching the ball alloy, crowded KongQiu, crowded hole alloy ball

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